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Miriam Neuhausen

Miriam Neuhausen

Lecturer & Doctoral Candidate she/her
English Linguistics | Mair

ˈmɪɹɪ​jəm ˈnɔɪhaʊzn
R 4222

I am a Ph.D. student in English linguistics and conduct research on a secluded bilingual Pennsylvania German-speaking community in Ontario, Canada. I am primarily interested in how language is used in lesser-studied multilingual communities and how speakers in these communities use language to express different identities.



  • Sociolinguistics
  • Language and identity
  • Sociophonetics
  • Language contact
  • Language variation and change
  • Lesser-studied languages and communities
  • Language and social injustice



since 2020

Ph.D., English Linguistics
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

2016 – 2020

M.A., English Linguistics
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

2018 – 2019

Visiting Scholar
University of Toronto

2015 – 2016

International Student
University of Southampton

2012 – 2016

B.A., English/Romance Studies
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main



since 2020 Landesgraduiertenförderung
Ph.D. scholarship
2019 Verband der Freunde der Universität Freiburg e.V.
grant for a conference talk at NWAV48,University of Oregon
2018 – 2019 DAAD-PROMOS "Thesis abroad"
scholarship for a research stay abroad, University of Toronto
2015 – 2016 Erasmus+
scholarship for two semesters abroad, University of Southampton



2021 Prix Bartholdi
2021 Stephen-Crane-Forschungspreis für nordamerikanische Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften
2020 ICR Outstanding International Thesis Award



since 2021 Research fellow & lecturer, University of Freiburg
2021 Co-organiser of the 43rd Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society,
Hermann Paul School of Linguistics
2017 – 2019 Research assistant & tutor, University of Freiburg



  • (accepted) Miriam Neuhausen. Adjusting data collection in New Englishes communities: The sociolinguistic interview and Old Order Mennonites. IN New Englishes, New Methods: Methodological considerations for the study of New Englishes, eds.: Guyanne Wilson & Michael Westphal, series: Varieties of English around the world, ed. Stephanie Hackert, John Benjamins.

  • (accepted) Axel Bohmann, Julia Müller, Mirka Honkanen & Miriam Neuhausen. A diachronic look at the English passive: Distributional semantics of be versus get. IN Language and linguistics in a complex world, eds. Ingo H. Warnke & Beate Busse, series: Discourse patterns, De Gruyter.



  • Science Slam, Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Freiburg (2021)
  • Blog post, Canadian Language Museum (2021)
  • Representation of the Freiburg English Linguistics department, Freiburger Wissenschaftsmarkt (2017)



  • CoTiSp (Language Contact through Time and Space), University of Bayreuth (2021): “Dialect contact and stance-taking in a remote Mennonite community in Canada”

  • ISLE (International Society for the Linguistics of English), University of Eastern Finland (2021): “Dialect contact and performance in a Mennonite community”,

  • Imagining Canada: “Discovering” & navigating “all our relations” in an (un)common country, University of Freiburg (2020): “Discovering home, navigating language change, imagining identities—Old Order Mennonites in southern Ontario”

  • IRG Symposium 2020, University of Fribourg, Switzerland (2020): Poster presentation „A diachronic look at the English passive: Distributional semantics of be versus get” with Julia Müller

  • Workshop Fieldwork in New Englishes, University of Freiburg (2019): “Out in the field: Old Order Mennonites and the Wit’suwit’en First Nations” (with Sonya Kinsey)

  • NWAV48 (New Ways of Analyzing Variation), University of Oregon (2019): “To raise or not to raise: Pennsylvania German English in Canada”



  • Sociophonetics
  • Third Wave sociolinguistics: Language variation in Canada and the U.S.
  • Hands-on sociophonetics