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Eucor – The European Campus

 5 Universities – 3 Countries – 1 European Campus:

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Universität Basel | Université de Strasbourg | Université de Haute-Alsace
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) | Universität Freiburg


Experience international and intercultural variety during your degree program? Study across university and international borders? All this and more is made possible via Eucor's European Campus!

Thanks to the Eucor mobility program, your immatriculation at the University of Freiburg automatically entitles you to course participation at every university in the trinational Upper Rhine metropolitan region.

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OUTGOING STUDENTS | Further information

  • Contact .


INCOMING STUDENTS | Further information

  • The English Department's course offerings range from English language competence to literary and cultural studies and linguistics. You can find a complete list of Eucor offerings in our course catalogue.
  • Registration for English Department courses must take place by 1 April (for the summer semester) or 1 October (for the winter semester). Your primary contact person in the department is academic coordinator Sissy Braeuer.


Taking classes at the Freiburg English Department

  1. Take a look at the courses offered.
  2. Decide which of the available classes you wish to enroll in. Note the relevant semester dates and teaching periods.
  3. Speak to the academic coordinator for your study program or the EUCOR representative for the English department at your home university before enrolling in any classes. Ensure that your home university will grant credit for the class(es) you've chosen.
  4. The deadline for choosing courses is:
    1 October for the Winter term
    1 April for the Summer term
  5. To register interest in a class, contact the academic coordinator before the aforementioned deadline. Please note that you will only be officially registered once you receive a matriculation number--matriculation at the University of Freiburg is a required step for EUCOR enrollment, even if you only take one class.
  6. Your learning agreement will be signed by Sissy Braeuer or Gert Fehlner.
  7. To enroll at the University of Freiburg, you must:
    • Fill out the application for matriculation
    • Provide a certificate of enrolment from your home university (“Immatrikulationsbescheinigung” or “certificat de scolarité”)
    • Provide proof of health insurance.
      • This also applies if you are insured in France or Switzerland and are therefore exempt from the insurance obligation in Germany. In this case, you will have to submit a certificate of exemption from a German statutory health insurance company (e.g. AOK, Barmer GEK, DAK, TK). You can request this from the statutory health insurance company via email. The certificate can then also be sent directly to the university by the health insurance company. A copy of your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is not sufficient for enrolment!
    • Submit your filled out application for matriculation and the required documents to the Service Center Studium:
    • Upon matriculation, you will receive your Unicard (giving
      you access to the University library, the cafeteria etc.) via mail and your access details for the university’s online platforms via email. You will then have access to the campus management system HISinOne (where you can, for example, see your class schedule or download your transcript) and for ILIAS, which is the online learning platform on which class materials will be uploaded.
  8. After enrolling, send your matriculation number to , who will officially register you for your desired class(es).
  9. During the semester, you are required to register for the examinations in your classes (this has to be done in addition to course registration before the semester) in order to receive (graded) course credit (Studienleistungen). This step applies to each individual course which is to appear on your transcript,
    no matter the type of assessment (exams, term papers, oral exams etc.). You can find further information here.
    Important note: You will have to register all of your exams as Studienleistungen (= “non-graded”), even if you will receive a final grade for a class. You can find instructions for exam registration here.
    The deadlines for exam registration are:
    • November 1 – January 15 for the Winter term
    • May 1 – June 15 for the Summer term
  10. You will be able to download your transcript displaying your grade(s) from the online platform HISinOne once they have been uploaded by your lecturer(s). This will generally be some time after the end of the teaching period. If you need a grade by a certain date, you will need to speak to your lecturer to see if this is possible. The grading system is as follows:
    • 1,0 is the best grade; 4,0 is the last passing grade:
      • 1,0/1,3 sehr gut
      • 1,7/2,0/2,3 gut
      • 2,7/3,0/3,3 befriedigend
      • 3,7/4,0 ausreichend
      • 5,0 nicht ausreichend
  11. Be sure to also follow your home university's instructions for outgoing EUCOR students (e.g. regarding Learning Agreements, travel allowances, etc.).