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Dr. Mirka Honkanen

Dr. Mirka Honkanen

honkanenPostdoctoral Research Fellow & Senior Lecturer she/her

Chair of English Linguistics | Mair

Master of Arts in English Language and Linguistics

☎ +49 761 203-3312

R 4016 | KG IV






  • Sociolinguistics
  • Corpus linguistics
  • World Englishes
  • Diasporas
  • Morphology
  • Pidgins and creoles
  • Computer-mediated communication
  • Orthography



2006 – 2010    

BA in English Translation
University of Turku, Finland

2011 – 2013

MA in English Language and Linguistics
University of Freiburg

2013 – 2018 PhD in English Studies
University of Freiburg



2011 – 2014

Research Assistant
Chair of English Linguistics Prof. Mair | University of Freiburg

2015 – 2018    

Lecturer and Research Associate
Chair of English Linguistics Prof. Mair | University of Freiburg

Since 2018

Senior Lecturer
Chair of English Linguistics Prof. Mair | University of Freiburg


  • Heyd, Theresa & Mirka Honkanen. 2015. "From Naija to Chitown: The new African diaspora and digital representations of place." Discourse, Context & Media 9: 14–23.
  • Honkanen, Mirka. 2020. World Englishes on the Web: The Nigerian Diaspora in the USA (Varieties of English Around the World G63). Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins.
  • Honkanen, Mirka. 2021. "Diasporic Englishes in the United States: The Case of Nigerian Digital Communication." In Bloomsbury World Englishes: Paradigms, ed. by Heyd, Theresa & Britta Schneider. London: Bloomsbury. 241–257.
  • Honkanen, Mirka. 2021. "Nigerian Pidgin in authenticating Nigerian immigrant identities." In Current Trends in Nigerian Pidgin English: A Sociolinguistic Perspective, ed. by Akande, Akinmade T. & Oladipo L. Salami. Berlin: De Gruyter. 147–176.
  • Honkanen, Mirka & Julia Müller. 2021. "Interjections and emojis in Nigerian online communication." World Englishes Special Issue "Discourse Markers and World Englishes", ed. by Leukert, Sven & Sofia Rüdiger.
  • Honkanen, Mirka. Forthcoming. "'This word no get concrete meaning oo': Pragmatic markers in Nigerian multilingual online communication." Journal of Pragmatics Special Issue "Communicative Action and Interaction in Africa", ed. by Mohr, Susanne, Jemima A. Anderson & Klaus Schneider.
  • Bohmann, Axel, Julia Müller, Mirka Honkanen & Miriam Neuhausen. Forthcoming. "A large-scale diachronic analysis of the English passive alternation." In ICAME41 Language and Linguistics in a Complex World: Data, Interdisciplinarity, Transfer, and the Next Generation, ed. by Busse, Beatrix, Nina Dumrukcic & Kellie Gonçalves.





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