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Dr. Rebecca Davies

Dr. Rebecca Davies


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R 4218 | KG IV



In addition to teaching grammar and writing, pronunciation and oral competence, translation and British Landeskunde, I am particularly interested in comparative linguistics, history of the English and German languages, etymology and British cultural history.

I regularly attend conferences such as the annual symposium for university teachers of foreign languages in the German-speaking countries (BuTa), where I have presented papers on teaching and assessing Landeskunde and on testing and evaluating written skills.

I am also interested in e-learning, blended learning and the use of e.g. wikis and other asynchronous communication platforms for teaching and learning.


1989 – 1993

BA in German Studies / Music
University of Birmingham

1991 – 1992

Medieval German and Music
Erasmus student at the University of Cologne

1993 – 1994

MA in Medieval Studies
University of Leeds


Formation of Florata
Ensemble in Residence at the Centre for Medieval Studies | Leeds

1994 – 1997

Research completed for PhD
'Rhetorical and Musical Features in the Lyric Poems of Hartmann von Aue' | University of Leeds
Teaching experience in the School of Modern Languages:
German; Research skills; Computing for Languages postgraduates

1997 – 1999

Lektorin at Seminar für Englische Philologie
University of Tübingen

Since 1998    

Occasional freelance editorial assistant and translator
Jahrbuch der Oswald von Wolkenstein-Gesellschaft

Since 1999

Lektorin at Seminar für Englische Philologie
University of Freiburg

2010                Awarded Diploma in Translation (DipTransIoLET) by the Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK)



All given at the 'Bundestagung für Fremdsprachenlehrkräfte an Hochschulen im deutschprachigen Europa':

  • "Möglichkeiten und Probleme bei der Bewertung studentischer Leistungen in der Landeskunde" (Usedom, September 2009)
  • "Autismus und Fremdsprachenunterricht" (Potsdam, August 2017)
  • "Lost in Translation - skurrile Übersetzungspannen als Unterrichtsmaterial" (Schweinsburg, September 2018)


All published by Ernst Klett / PONS, Stuttgart:

  • Powerkurs Englisch in 4 Wochen (2007) — ISBN: 978-3-12-561315-7
    Intensive 4-week course for adults with little or no knowledge of English. A 208-page book with double audio CD comprising exercises in fluency, writing, listening and pronunciation, step-by-step explanations, with an in-depth grammar appendix, glossary and keys / transcripts.
  • Gewusst wie! Englisch ohne Fehler (2008) — ISBN: 978-3-12-561420-8
    Exercise material and explanations aimed at school pupils with 3 years plus of English. The 95-page book has as its main points of focus typical errors made in the areas of lexis, grammar, spelling / punctuation, pronunciation and British / American differences.
  • Auf einen Blick: Typische Fehler Englisch (2008) — ISBN: 978-3-12-561477-2
    Foldout laminated reference pack for users of all ages and levels, consisting of 6 A4-sized pages of detailed reference material on typical errors made in the areas of lexis, grammar, spelling / punctuation, pronunciation and British / American differences, and how to avoid them.
  • Englisch rund um die Insel: Quiz, Sprachrätsel und Skurriles (2013) — ISBN: 978-3-12-561921-0
    A book of quizzes and puzzles about language, culture, history, customs and geography in Britain (and Ireland). Aimed at anyone who is interested in Britain and who wants to deepen their knowledge of it while having some fun.


  • 'Boccaccio and Women: Friend or Foe?', in Seriis Intendere. A Celebration of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds, ed. by Sharon Abra Hanen (Leeds: [privately published], 1994), 15-21
  • Detailed sleeve notes for Florata's album Magnificentia Iberica – The Music of Medieval Spain ASV/Gaudeamus CD GAU 144, 1995)
  • 'The Reception of Conon de Béthune's "Ahi, Amors, com dure departie" in German Minnesang: Questions of Metrical and Musical Form', in Jahrbuch der Oswald von Wolkenstein-Gesellschaft 9 (1996-97), 495-508
  • Several concert reviews



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