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M.A. in British and North American Cultural Studies

The Master of Arts in British and North American Cultural Studies – MiBNACS – offers you the chance to study theories and practices of English-speaking cultures in Great Britain and North America. This means we study Shakespeare's world right alongside Walt Disney's, and we work with the dialects, literature, media, and theoretical and methodological concepts developed and proliferated over the past few decades of cultural studies.

MiBNACS is an intentionally transatlantic program of study. The British and American schools of cultural theory are sometimes conflicting, but often complementary; we give them each equal treatment. Our instructors possess a wide range of specializations, which extend from the Indian subcontinent to Canada, to African-American culture, to detective novels – so a vast spectrum is available for master’s thesis topics.

Program Content & Structure

Program Content

The MiBNACS program focuses on theories of and operative elements within cultural practices, primarily in Great Britain and North America, but also in those colonial and postcolonial spaces dominated by British and American culture. The Master's degree enables students to critically reflect on cultural phenomena, as well as on their own cultural position and embededness within global structures. Furthermore, it allows students to develop an academic understanding of different forms of cultural contexts, whether as structures, systems, or sometimes as pressures. The program is interdisciplinarily designed and builds upon competences which were acquired during students' completed Bachelor's degrees, with their focuses on philology or cultural studies.

During their studies, students may set their own focus, setting priorities in the academic realm as well as in building competences in related fields of work; to that end, they are also encouraged to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the EUCOR network.

Modules and Courses

This M.A. program is made up of modules, each focusing on a specific topic. The modules can consist of a variety of course types, including seminars, lectures and tutorials. Some courses are required and others are elective. The program is divided into the following modules:

  • Cultural Studies
    • Foundations of Cultural Studies
    • British and Postcolonial Cultures
    • North American Cultures
  • Transdisciplinary Perspectives (elective):
    • Media and Culture
    • Multilingualism and Language Politics
    • Theories of Cultural Studies
  • Core Texts of Cultural Studies
  • Research and Teaching Methods
  • Electives in Cultural Studies


Program Requirements and Sequence


Application – Admission – Enrollment

Language and Acceptance Requirements

We welcome applications from candidates with a strong undergraduate degree (BA or equivalent) with a focus on English and American studies or linguistics. A working knowledge of German is recommended for success in Freiburg but not required for the application.

Furthermore, the M.A. program requires an excellent command of the English language (C1). Please note the information concerning language requirements on the main M.A. page, and be sure to clear up any questions you may have with the program coordinator Lina Zhou.


The application process takes place online via the Univeristy of Freiburg's Campus Management System HiSinOne.

Application Period:

  • 1 April until 30 June – Non-citizens of the EU
  • 1 April until 31 July – EU citizens


Required Documents:

Excerpted from the acceptance guidelines (authoritative text in German here)

§ 2 Criteria for Admission

  • A first degree with an average grade of at least 2,9 from a German university in a cultural studies or philological bachelor degree course with a focus on cultural or literary studies or in an equivalent three-year degree at a German or foreign university.
  • Knowledge of the English language corresponding to at least level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages.
  • At least 65 ECTS points in at least one of the subjects English Philology, Anglo-American Literary Studies or Anglo-American Cultural Studies.


§ 3 Application

In order for your application to be accepted, the following documents must be submitted:

  • A completed online application form;
  • your undergraduate diploma;
  • your transcript of records outlining the contents of your undergraduate degree (documents in languages other than English, German, or French need to be translated and officially notarized by a certified translator into German or English)
  • Proof of successful completion of an English language examination (if necessary)
  • statement of intent (motivation letter) of no longer than one page (in A4 format) in which the applicant states their personal reasons for seeking acceptance to the Master of Arts British and North American Cultural Studies program at the University of Freiburg.

Application: step by step

Please note that your application can only be considered if all the documents listed above have been received within the application period.



General information concerning enrollment can be found on the Student Service Center's website.


The coordinator of the MiBNACS program will be happy to advise you concerning the details of the application and admissions process as well as concerning the program in general.

Program Director: 
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hochbruck

☎ +49 761 203-3344


MiBNACS Coordinator: 
Ece Ergin she/her

☎ +49 761 203-3345
R 4045 | KG IV


Mailing Address:

M.A. in British and North American Cultural Studies
University of Freiburg
English Department | North American Studies
Rempartstr. 15
79098 Freiburg