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Postdoctoral Dissertations

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A considerable portion of our graduate students stay on after their Ph.D.s to do postdoctoral research. The post-doctoral qualification is called a Habilitation in Germany and is the traditional prerequisite for appointment to a professorship.

The following is an overview of all in-progress and completed postdoctoral dissertations written at the English Department since the 1990s.

The University of Freiburg’s English Department has a well-deserved reputation for producing top-quality professors; those who have written their postdoctoral dissertation at our department have excellent chances of landing a full professorship. You can find a list of professors who studied in Freiburg on our page Professors.


(Updated: August 2021)




Prof. Dr. Monika Fludernik

In progress:

  • Fest, Kerstin. "A Peep Behind the Curtain: Theatrical Discourses in 18th-Century England"
  • von Contzen, Eva. "The Power of Enumerating: Towards a Literary History of Lists"


  • KLUWICK, Ursula (2017). "Fictions of Fluctuation: Water in the Victorian Age" 
    (Erstbetreuung: Prof. Dr. Virginia Richter, Universität Bern)
  • KOHLMANN, Benjamin (2017). "Writing the Common Good: Literature, The Economy, and the Idea of the Welfare State, 1830-1910"
    (forthcoming) Speculative States: British Literature, Institutionality, and Reform. Oxford University Press.
  • MILDORF, Jarmila (2018). "Reading (Fictional) Dialogue: Text, Context, Cognition"
    (Erstbetreuung: Prof. Dr. Merle Tönnies, Universität Paderborn)
  • NANDI, Miriam (2017). "Reading the Early Modern Diary"
    (forthcoming) Reading the Early Modern English Diary. Palgrave.
  • OLSON, Greta (2008). "'Criminal Beasts' and the Rise of Positivist Criminology – From Shakespeare to Dickens"
    (2013) Criminals as Animals from Shakespeare to Lombroso. Berlin, New York: De Gruyter.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hochbruck


Prof. Dr. Barbara Korte

In progress:

  • Zimmermann, Ulrike. "Popularisations of the Eighteenth Century in Contemporary British Culture"


  • FALKENHAYNER, Nicole (2017). "CCTV Beyond Surveillance"
    (2018) Media, Surveillance and Affect: Narrating Feeling-States. London: Routledge.
  • KILIAN, Eveline (2002). "Gender-bending und die Konstruktion von Geschlecht in der englischsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur – Theoretisches und literarische Perspektiven"
    (2004) GeschlechtSverkehrt. Theoretische und literarische Perspektiven des gender-bending. Königstein/Taunus: Helmer.



Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bernd Kortmann

In progress:

  • Hansen, Beke. "A Sociolinguistic Description of First Nations Englishes in British Columbia"
  • Haser, Verena. "Pragmatic Impairment in Asperger's Syndrome"



Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Christian Mair

In progress:

  • Bohmann, Axel. "Locating Superdiversity: Communicative Repertoires of Refugees in Germany"
  • Honkanen, Mirka. "Derivational Productivity in World Englishes"
  • Lacoste, Véronique. "Haitians' Diasporic English: Development, Structure and Social Functioning"


  • SAND, Andrea (2005). "Angloversals? Shared Morphosyntactic Features in Contact Varieties of English"
    (forthcoming) Angloversals? Shared Morphosyntactic Features in Contact Varieties of English. Amsterdam: Benjamins

Administrative advising in the closing stages: