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Klara Machata

Klara Machata, St.-Ex.

Research Associate & Doctoral Candidate
English Literature | Korte

R 4212 | KG IV




  • Ecocriticism, esp. climate fiction
  • Geocriticism & Spatial Literary Studies
  • Political & Cultural Geography, esp. Political Ecology
  • Postcolonial Studies



since 2021

Ph.D., English Literature
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Working title: “Space, Place, and the Anthropocene in Contemporary Anglophone Fiction”
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Barbara Korte

until 2021

Staatsexamen, English and Geography
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Final thesis: “Time, Space, and Scale in Contemporary Climate Short Fiction”



2022/23 winter term

  • A Closer Look at Close Reading – Exercise Course


2022 summer term

  • The Short Story and the Environment – Literary Studies Introductory Seminar


2021/22 winter term

  • Space, Place, and the Planet – Cultural Studies Introductory Seminar


2019 summer term

  • Introduction to Literary Studies – Tutorial



  • Machata, Klara. "Entangled Climate Heroes: Heroic Agency and Intra-action in Vandana Singh’s Entanglement." Eds. Stefanie Lethbridge and Anne Hemkendreis. helden. heroes. héros. E-Journal zu Kulturen des Heroischen. Special Issue: Climate heroism 8 (2022): 49-56. DOI: 10.6094/helden.heroes.heros./2022/CH/06.