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Master of Education

die philosophen ©hildThe Master of Education degree program is subject to a number of mandatory requirements, which are explained in more detail on this page and which you should observe to ensure that your Master's program runs smoothly.

The M.Ed. is designed, in terms of the content offered, the competencies taught, and the logical succession of courses, as a strictly full-time program. In order to ensure smooth progression, the program should be started in the winter semester and the modules should be completed according to the sequence outlined in the academic program (Prüfungsordnung). Any deviation from the suggested course of studies (Studienverlaufsplan) may result in additional delays and preclude the timely completion of the program.

In principle, it should be assumed that starting the study program in the summer semester and/or completing a stay abroad during the M.Ed. program could result in delayed completion of the degree program, since certain modules cannot be completed in every semester and transfer credit from your time abroad is often not possible due to the specific profiles of the courses in Freiburg (differences in content / competencies / ECTS credits).

Academic Program

Subject-Specific Regulations – English
Only available in German. The given semester-by-semester schedule assumes that you began in the Winter semester.

Module "English Linguistics and Literary Studies"

As outlined in the academic program, you may freely choose a Hauptseminar in either Literary Studies or Linguistics. We strongly recommend that you take a seminar from the area that you did not choose in the specialization module of your Bachelor's program.

Hauptseminare are offered every semester.

Module "Advanced English Competence I & II"

The workshops in Oral and Written Competence for Master Students build on each other, such that you must strictly adhere to the sequence stipulated in the academic program. Furthermore, your practical semester should be completed before taking the Written Competence workshop, as teaching experience already gained in the classroom has proven to be a valuable additional resource for this course.

The workshops are offered every semester.

Module "English Didactics"

It is mandatory that you complete the courses in this module simultaneously and immediately before the practical semester. Please also note that the School Practical Semester (SPS) consists of 12 full-time teaching weeks and can only be completed in the Winter semester (September to December). During this time, no courses can be taken at the university, with the exception of the 2nd part of Research Methods in English Didactics.

  • Selected Topics in English Didactics:
    You have a choice of several thematically differing seminars (e.g. Cultural Didactics; Teaching Speaking; Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary – how to integrate the three language tools into the inter-cultural, communicative classroom; Teaching YA). The thematic orientation of your advanced didactics seminar will also determine your research project during the practical semester.
  • Research Methods in English Didactics:
    The relevant seminar Introduction to Foreign Language Classroom Research spans two semesters. The first part always takes place in the Summer semester, the second as a block with an associated Prüfungsleistung in the Winter semester after completion of the practical semester. The seminar offered by the PH (Pädagogische Hochschule) is specifically designed for the university's Master of Education students and prepares students for a research project during the practical semester.
    Please note: In order to register for a Prüfungsleistung in the Winter semester, you must successfully complete the Studienleistung in the summer semester. The Studienleistung does not have to be registered. Only the Prüfungsleistung must be registered before the deadline in the Winter semester.

Details on the respective courses can be found in the course catalog.
The listed course offerings apply exclusively to the summer semester.

Module "English in Schools"

The module must be understood as an integral unit and can only be completed as such. The following are compulsory prerequisites for taking the colloquium and the didactic workshop:

  1. the successful completion of the module English Linguistics and Literary Studies;
  2. the successful completion of the module English Didactics;
  3. the successful completion of the practical semester.

Students who do not meet one or more of these requirements will be dismissed from the course after the 1st session at the latest.

The courses in this module take place during the semester and prepare for the module's final examination. Consequently, the Colloquium on Topics in English Linguistics and Literary Studies and the workshop English Studies and Didactics in Dialog must be taken simultaneously. The instructor(s) of the colloquium or the workshop are also the arbiters of the module's final examination at the end of the semester. The time period of the module's final examination is usually announced in January with the publication of the course catalog. The dates are binding; exceptions are only granted in case of illness.

Details on the respective courses can be found in the course catalog.
The listed course offerings apply exclusively to the summer semester.

Please note the additional information provided concerning reading lists for the exam.

Study Start in the Summer Semester

If you begin the M.Ed. program in the summer semester, you must take into account that the modules English Didactics and English in Schools are only offered in the summer semester. Consequently, the semester-by-semester schedule given in the academic program should be ignored. In addition, you should plan to study for at least 5 semesters, since the 4th semester in winter lasts through February and you're strongly discouraged from beginning your Referendariat without a degree (with guest lecturer status). Please be sure to contact the School of Education FACE for further academic advising.

You can find a suggested semester-by-semester schedule after beginning in the Summer semester on the German version of this page.

Transfer Students

Please contact Dr. Gert Fehlner as soon as possible and have your Transcript of Records (a listing of all completed coursework during your Bachelor's degree) on hand. Dr. Fehlner will compare your Bachelor-level coursework with Freiburg's equivalent Bachelor's program and determine whether you need to make up coursework in literary/cultural studies, linguistics or English competence.

If you have to make up coursework, you can choose almost totally freely from our wide range of course offerings. At the end of each semester, you will receive a certificate of attendance from the instructor confirming your successful participation. It is not possible to register make-up coursework via HISinOne! As soon as you have completed all required courses, send your certificates to Dr. Fehlner, who will write an appropriate letter to the examination office and forward your certificates.

If the receipt of your matriculation number or your computer center user ID is delayed and you are therefore unable to participate in the normal course registration process, please contact the program coordinator directly to enroll manually.


Dr. Gert Fehlner he/him Sissy Braeuer, M.A. she/her
Head of Academic Advising Coordinator, Degree Programs and Admissions Exams
☎ +49 761 203-3331
☎ +49 761 203-3332



  • I'm still enrolled in the Double-Major Bachelor's program, but have already completed all the required coursework. Can I use my time wisely and take one or more courses for the M.Ed. in advance?
    No. Course credit can only be obtained for a program in which you're currently enrolled and as such cannot be transferred from the Double-Major Bachelor's to the M.Ed.

  • I would like to go abroad during my M.Ed. studies. The two courses on teaching methodology in English "Ausgewählte Themenbereiche der Englisch-Didaktik" & "Forschungsmethoden in der Englisch-Didaktik" must be taken before the practical semester.
    Is it possible to take the two courses in the summer semester but then go abroad for a year and only go for the practical semester (PS) in the following winter semester, i.e. one year later?
    Absolutely yes. If you have taken both courses, the preparations for the PS have been made which means that the research project would simply be on hold for a year. The graded examination (PL) for the course "Forschungsmethoden in der Englisch-Didaktik" takes place only after the PS, usually in January/February. You would only have to remember to register for the PL in the respective winter semester.

  • How can I verify that I fulfill the language requirements for the M.Ed.?
    See "Language Certificates for the Master of Education" here.

  • I am currently completing a Double-Major Bachelor's and would like to apply for admission to the Master of Education program next semester. The application portal requires an English Language Certificate. I will be certified thanks to my current, soon to be finished, Bachelor's degree. I have selected this option in the drop-down menu, but the system still requires me to upload a document for certification. What should I upload?
    You can simply use the upload function to submit your transcript of records.

  • Do I need a certified transcript of records for the application?
    Internal applicants who are already studying/have studied a Double-Major Bachelor degree in Freiburg do not have to upload a certified transcript of records; all others require a certified transcript of records.